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The Canon City Volunteer Fire Department works alongside the Canon City Area Fire Protection District to mitigate hazards in and around the City of Canon City, Colorado. In 1879 Volunteer Hose Companies and Hook and Ladder Companies formed throughout the city. Currently, our department consists of thirteen volunteers.

Volunteer responsibilities consist of responding to structure fires, wildland fires, hazardous material incidents, and technical rescue incidents. Volunteer Firefighters are required to complete 32 hours of training per year and respond to all incidents possible. Volunteers are not required to be certified firefighters and can act in other department areas to assist with operations. Volunteers can become Reserve Firefighters and operate closely with the Fire District during ride-along shifts. When a paid position opens on Canon City Area Fire Protection District, the district gives special consideration to members of CCVFD if they wish to be a candidate.

CCVFD attends community events to show support and be involved in our community. Canon City Volunteer Fire Department operates solely off donations and has a yearly event to raise funds for gear, training, and equipment for our Volunteers. We interact with the general public often. It is expected of us to be professional, respectful, and knowledgeable.

If you would like to join our Volunteer Fire Department please call 719-275-8666 and ask for the Volunteer Liaison Lane Foster.